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Public Safety Organizations

Are you a public safety leader interested in setting up PeerOnCall and PeerOnCall Support? If so, this section is for you!

The PeerOnCall and PeerOnCall Support apps are designed to be implemented with employees at an organizational level.

For more information about joining the PeerOnCall project, please contact us by email at

For the best experience, we recommend the following:

Peer support infrastructure
In order to implement the app, you need an established peer support team, including a process for training and ongoing support. The app is a platform to support access to peer support, and to track your peer support services.  We have developed tools to help onboard your peer support team to the PeerOnCall Support app platform.

Organization champion
Identify one or two people who will be in charge of implementation within the organization.  This will involve linking with our PeerOnCall project support team, as well as with the peer support providers in your organization and with your frontline employees.  It is important to ensure that information about the app is clearly communicated within your organization along with an opportunity for employees within your organization to respond to any questions/concerns. We have onboarding and communication materials that we can share with you.

Letter of Agreement
If your organization would like to implement the PeerOnCall and PeerOnCall Support apps, there is a letter of agreement that we will share with you that outlines the roles and responsibilities of all parties in the process.