For Peer Supporters

Getting Started

Are you a member of the peer support provider team in your organization (including corrections, emergency communications, fire service, law enforcement or paramedic services).

If the answer is yes, then this section is for you!

The PeerOnCall and PeerOnCall Support mobile apps are implemented at an organization level. The PeerOnCall app is designed to reduce barriers to reaching out for peer support and to create opportunities to gather feedback on peer support services. The PeerOnCall Support app is designed for peer support providers, and includes links to resources to support peers in their role. Input from peer support providers is important to ongoing development of the app.

If you want to start offering peer support, you’ll first need to get your organization involved — click here for more info on how to do that.

Alternatively, if you want to be part of the PeerOnCall project in another capacity, please reach out, introduce yourself, and and tell us a bit about you.